About Us

Why CTS?

CTS is a rapidly growing technical and professional services business serving the needs of the Federal government. Our Guiding Principles form the basis upon which we provide our clients with ethical, reliable, and high quality professional service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is a hallmark of CTS as a company, and as a team of highly skilled and conscientious employees. The success and reputation of CTS and its professional staff depend upon our ability to attract and retain high caliber employees and to deliver quality services to our customers. CTS is always looking for superior talent to supplement our current staff. A highly competitive compensation package, coupled with challenging and rewarding work assignments, give rise to a satisfied and motivated CTS workforce.

Our Guiding Principles

Cornell Technical Services is guided based upon four key Guiding Principles. They are listed below:

Be ProfessionalCTS is a technical and professional services organization that strives to serve our customers with specialized expertise based on experience and preparation. Our objective is to provide superior service by doing things right the first time and offer well reasoned, thoroughly researched advice and judgment to help our customers meet their business objectives. Our employees are charged with the responsibility to stay up to date in their areas of expertise and to adhere strongly to a set of values about how they do their work.
Accomplish Our ObjectivesCTS' most important objective is to meet our customers' expectations. We will meet those expectations by helping our customers meet their business objectives. We will remain focused on the big picture and put forth whatever effort is required to satisfy our customers by providing services that are consistently on time, within a reasonable cost, and at the highest level of quality.
Demonstrate InitiativeOur customers seek our services because they need help in meeting their business objectives. Consequently, we strive to be solution providers, not just problem identifiers. We will make a conscious effort to be proactive and to constantly look for feasible alternatives to resolve our customers' most complex challenges. Should we fall short in any way, we will make every effort to understand why and learn for our experience. Our goal is to fully understand our customers' needs and initiate whatever steps are necessary to meet them.
Maintain a Sense of CommitmentAs an organization and as an employer, CTS is committed to our customers, our partners, and our employees. First and foremost, we are committed to providing superior technical and professional services to our customers. Our identity as a company is directly tied to the quality of services we provide. We are committed to our partners and will endeavor to be a trusted team member. We are committed to our agreements and contractual arrangements and will steadfastly abide by their terms. We are committed to our employees and will support and encourage them to be the best they can be in all facets of their professional and personal lives.

Awards, Recognitions, & Certifications

CTS holds itself and its services to the highest standards and takes pride in its performance.

  • NASA recently awards Cornell Technical Services LLC a five-year award for the Evaluation, Assessments, Studies, Services and Support (EASSS) program
  • CTS receives CPAR rating of ‘Exceptional’ in all 5 evaluation areas for the NASA – EASSS contract
  • Named “Top 100 NASA Contractors for calendar year 2017, in data provided by the U.S. Government
  • Named “Top 100 NASA Contractors for calendar year 2016, in data provided by the U.S. Government
  • Recognized as a Langley Small Business Prime Contractor for calendar year 2016.
  • CTS receives CPAR rating of “Exceptional” in all 5 evaluation areas for the NASA Evaluation, Assessments, Studies, Services, And Support (EASSS) contract.
  • Washington Technology has ranked Cornell Technical Services as one of the 50 fastest growing small businesses in the government market.

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