Scientific and
Technical Consultation

CTS draws from an extensive and diverse pool of over 400 subject matter experts with knowledge of and experience in complex space and ground-based systems. This depth of expertise allows us to build acquisition teams who bring directly relevant and recent experience in the technical, scientific, and management domain areas driving mission success.

Key Areas of Expertise

Technical, Scientific, and Management Domain Expertise

Complex space-based and airborne-based instrumentation

Systems engineering

Program management and scheduling

Mission design and mission operations

Ground systems engineering and operations

Spacecraft Subsystems and Architecture

SmallSat spacecraft architecture

Suborbital flight operations

Near Earth and deep space communications

Engineering specialties such as thermal, propulsion, power systems, and radiation effects

Scientific/Technical Communications & Outreach

Content development

Editing and proofing

Training presentations

Workshops and forums

Website content

Manuals and technical documents

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